Became known why in Ukraine is not profitable to grow potatoes

Today, the farmers that grow potatoes, in fact, abandoned to their fate.

Стало відомо, чому в Україні не вигідно вирощувати картоплю

Ukrainian farmers curtail production of potatoes, and its actual performance does not coincide with the statistical data, reports Rus.Media.

According to experts, the figures from year to year rewritten, claiming that the main production is produced in private sector, But the village we are dying – in Khmelnytsky, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia regions, in other regions. Where can take the 22.5 million tons?.

All the country needs is 5-6 million tons of potatoes, and this together with the planting material.

The real volume of the domestic potato market is unknown, because only about 5% are vocational agriculture, and others to private owners. To know the exact figures, it is necessary to interview households, but nobody does it. The volume of trade market according to different estimates, amounts to 45-50 thousand hectares.

The market requires quality products, and if consumers receive inferior goods, then simply switching to cereals and pasta. As a result, the Ukrainians eat potatoes less and less. In particular, according to the state statistics service, in 2010, the average Ukrainian would eat 7.7 kg of root per month, now 6.7 kg

In recent years, reduced the number of areas under potatoes, and the number of professional farms. The reduction is due to the fact that statistical data do not cover the Crimea and some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In addition, said goodbye to the potatoes or two large farms – 1,000 ha and 750 ha, one as a result of financial problems, the other due to the low yield.

Potato producers are tired of the uncertainty

For yield, here are the domestic growers achieved excellent results: while the traders collect from 14 to 17 tons of potatoes per hectare, professional farms, averaging 40-45, and some at 65-70. The average figure for Europe is 33 tonnes per hectare.

The main problem of Ukrainian potato is not low yield, and that in 25 years we have never showed an established distribution channel for professional farms. Retailers do not want to order specific amounts of goods for next season, and our growers that are “buried” for 90 thousand hryvnia per hectare, just tired of the uncertainty. The best they can do under the circumstances, – “reset” commodity dealers”.

In 2017 Ukraine sold abroad 17591,3 tons of potatoes, and bought – 3830,2. The import of potatoes is purely a seasonal factor, and there is nothing unusual in this: Europe buys the same Egyptian potatoes.

According to statistics, most of the imported potatoes is bought not in Egypt and not even in Poland but in Holland – 1377,4 tons last year. In second place – Germany (840,7 tons), third place Egypt (505,9 tons). And Poland last year sold us all on a total of 180 tons.

The main three buyers on the version of the SSSU is as follows: Belarus (10457,9 tons), Moldova (3977,8 tons) and Georgia (546,8 tons). Experts say that the main buyer of Ukrainian potato is Belarus, it is not surprising, since a large part of purchased goods are re-exported to Russia. By the way, over 60% of Belarusian potatoes grown from Ukrainian seed.

Now about ten Ukrainian farms grow excellent potatoes, and she’s in Europe not just go and flies – primarily through Moldova. Sales statistics in Moldova understated at times, and actually this country is a transit point on the way of Ukrainian potatoes to Europe.

In addition, exports this year domestic farmers had serious problems, he said. This is due to the new quarantine rules imposed by the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), which includes five States: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia.

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