Assistant plant boric acid

Boron is an essential trace element that is essential for the successful growth of seedlings and in the future great harvest.

Помічник рослинам - борна кислота

He transportorul oxygen and raises immunity of plants. Lack of substance is not good growth and ageing of plants. Some flowers, such as roses, gladioli and dahlias responsive to application of fertilizers. How to calculate doses correctly and to carry out the feeding, here is a detailed look at, informs Rus.Media.

Signs of boron deficiency
If you notice white plyuvat leaves, like burns, saw the darkening of the stem or rot at the neck of the root, collapsed ovaries or distorted flowers are the wrong shape – all signs of boron deficiency. To rectify the situation easily enough to handle the plants with boric acid.

For vegetables
Cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers when making boron give boost to crop 25%. All of these techniques need hot water, cold water boron does not dissolve. You can make a concentrated hot solution is then diluted with cold water. You can apply several ways:

When 3-phase leaves, sprayed from a spray bottle or watering can with spray. Take 5 grams of acid +10 l of water.
Thus, you pdndata the immunity of plants and strengthen the plants.

For flowers
For disease resistance, you can soak the cuttings in the composition with 20 g of boric acid and 10 l of water. 3 minutes will be enough to reduce the risk of fungus. The roses need fertilizing for the proper formation of buds, they will become large and correctly tightened. This diluted solution in the ratio 1G of boron / 1l of water.

Dahlias and gladioli is also responsive to fertilizer. They grow faster and bloom, and the bulb increases in size. If you add potassium permanganate, the more you take away flowers from a number of diseases and conduct prevention. The desired solution of 2 grams of boric acid + 5g of potassium permanganate + 10 l of water. Spray in phase 3 leaves.

Inspect your plants. If you saw the change in the leaves, necrosis, decay of plants or fruit, feel free to spray the leaves and spend fertilizing and harvest will not wait!

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