Doctors have suggested how best to prepare for the climax

Медики подсказали, как лучше всего подготовиться к климаксу

Most women are afraid of age-related changes in the body.

Early menopause is a rare phenomenon, but because women under 40 years may not need to worry about what lies ahead.

As a rule, a few years before menopause in the body and in the appearance of the fair sex there are some changes that are difficult to ignore.

Wrinkles, floated the shape of the face, loose skin on the abdomen and thighs, irregular menstruation, gray hair, weight gain, apathy, depression – all these are the first signs of approaching menopause.

The doctors have prepared a list of tips to help women prepare for the menopause both physically and mentally:

Physical activity. In a week, at least, three times need to engage in any kind of fitness. This will help to keep your body and skin in good condition. Moreover, the sport improves blood circulation, and it means that with age the brain does not cease to perform their functions in full. Yes, regular exercise improves mood – it’s scientifically proven fact.

Proper nutrition. To maintain youth, you should consume foods which have omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The mode of the day. This will allow a woman to look good and feel well. Good sleep – the guarantee of health in General and nutrition at the same time – a good figure and fast metabolism.

Alcohol and cigarettes banned. Alcoholic drinks provoke the development of depression, and nicotine contributes to oxygen starvation of cells and tissues of the body, due to which ageing occurs much faster.

An active sex life. Sex this medication improves mood, hormonal balance and overall health, so age shouldn’t abandon it.

Take the advice of doctors note and the transition to menopause is not as hard as it may be.

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