Scientists have described how Mars lost atmosphere

The disappearance of the atmosphere of Mars is to blame interstellar clouds and ionized solar radiation.

Вчені розповіли, як Марс втратив атмосферу

Scientists said that interstellar clouds and ionized radiation, which comes from the Sun, led to the disappearance of the Martian atmosphere. Astrophysicists said that for a long period, salty wind was slowly replacing the hydrogen molecule from the atmosphere of the red planet. Their findings are based on data obtained by spacecraft, MAVEN, informs Rus.Media.

In addition, cosmic clouds clashed with the salty wind. When Mars passed through such education, the planet has lost about 0.5% of its atmosphere. Now scientists believe that Mars passed through such education 135 times, however, most likely this number is much higher.

As a result, the loss process of the atmosphere lasted for over a million years. Scientists believe that earlier on Mars there was the atmosphere, similar to earth. However, only a million years of life in the familiar shape on this planet has become impossible. Experts insist on the critical importance of studying the evolution of Mars and Venus, because these planets are jovians were completely different.

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