Journalists funny potrollit Putin during a “Straight line”

Журналисты забавно потроллили Путина во время «Прямой линии»

New blades on Putin.

June 7, held a “straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the event, leading her decided to show the master of the Kremlin meme with him relating to the ultra-high gasoline prices. In particular, according to journalists, this picture for the past week, popular in the network, reports the with reference to

In General, Putin was very surprised, when asked about high gasoline prices, because, according to him, energy Minister Alexander Novak says in another – gasoline prices in Russia do not grow from the end of may.

“What is happening now is unacceptable. It is not correct. But we must admit that the result is inexact, to put it mildly, of the regulation, which was introduced recently in the energy sphere, in the sphere of energy resources”, – said Putin.

By the way, in January-may 2018 gasoline prices in Russia rose by 7.3%, including a liter of AI-92 – 7.7%, and a liter of diesel fuel – by 7.9%. At the same time, the inflation rate since the beginning of the year was only 1.6%.

Журналисты забавно потроллили Путина во время «Прямой линии»

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