In Ukraine, increasingly, counterfeited money

Except hryvnia in Ukraine began to identify fake dollars.

В Україні все частіше підробляють гроші

In Ukraine, increasingly, counterfeited paper money. In 2017, the national Bank has detected and withdrawn from circulation more than 10 thousand of counterfeit banknotes. The lion’s share of fakes accounted for the largest, 500-hryvnia banknotes. Found them already 6426 copies. In 2016 so the forgery was only a little more than 2.6 thousand units, reports Rus.Media.

In terms of the total amount of cash hryvnia in circulation, counterfeiting is much more did not. For every million of these, according to statistics of the NBU, there are 3.6 counterfeit bills. But over the last 5 years this is the biggest indicator. For comparison, last year, the monetary authority reported a 2.8 million dollar fake bills.

Meanwhile, the job of a counterfeiter in our country is not very popular. In Europe for every 1 million. originals in 2017 found 33 fake currency notes. It and is clear – counterfeiting is relatively cheap Ukrainian hryvnia is not as profitable as the expensive Euro.

Because the domestic attackers switched to the commercial bill – face value of 500 UAH. Quite popular “centesimal” notes and “coins”. But the 200-key forged relatively rare – in 2017 such found only 706.

But it shows in Ukraine not only fake the hryvnia. We growing and the number of counterfeit dollars, which last year found 821 thing. But fake Euro became less. Very little found the national Bank to “draw” rubles – only 63 of the instance.

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