How to learn and why to drink a lot of water

Как научиться и зачем пить много воды

Doctors told how to train yourself to drink more water than usual.

Many have heard the recommendation of nutritionists regarding the use of water in amount of 1.5-2 l per day, but not all rushed to comply with it. All have their reasons for it, for example, the lack of purified water in the home or at work, despite the fact that water service delivery is widely prevalent in any city. Someone too lazy or just don’t like to drink plain water.

Experts know how to solve this problem, and once again decided to remind about its benefits:

– cleans the blood vessels and the whole body;

– improves blood circulation;

– delivers oxygen to the brain, which positively influences his work;

– moisturizes the skin and prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles;

– quenches thirst better than any other drink;

– stimulates peristalsis and accelerates metabolism.

Of the above useful properties of purified water it is clear that to drink it is necessary and as much as possible.

How to learn to drink a lot of water?

1. To carry a bottle of water. She must always remain in your field of vision, so you won’t forget that you need to drink it.

2. To set the clock, which will be the best reminder for you to drink a glass of water.

3. In the evening at the head of the bed, put a large glass or Cup with water, and in the morning when you Wake up, not get up, empty the receptacle.

4. Add water a slice of lemon, lime or orange, honey, then it will have a more pleasant taste.

5. Form a habit to drink a glass of water 20 minutes before eating and 40 minutes after it, this method will help improve digestion and lose weight.

To replenish the fluid in the body should be during physical activity. If you go to the gym, every 15 minutes should drink water, as it is rapidly excreted in sweat and can develop dehydration, which can lead to premature aging and a slower metabolism.

By the way, nutritionists recommend to calculate the required amount of water is at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of his weight and if, say, he weighs 100 kg, per day should drink at least three liters of water. If body weight starts to decline, it is necessary to reduce the amount of water consumed as its excess can lead to swelling and other health problems.

These tips physicians relevant for adults and for children, because a growing body is even more important to maintain the water balance to be energetic, active-minded and able-bodied.

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