Fertilizing houseplants

The right fertilizer — the key to a chic indoor garden.

Підживлення кімнатних рослин

A year ago, most of my pots almost bloomed, and some even began to wither. Their green Pets I love and care for them. That’s just the dressing I have was not developed. What I bought in garden stores, it was not good and special sense from its use, reports Rus.Media.

But the right fertilizer — the key to elegant indoor flower garden! For advice on how best to feed the plants, I turned to his girlfriend Svetlana, who leads a successful blog about gardening.

Svetlana told me that it is not necessary to buy ready-made products, because in the home Armory you can find those that will replace newfangled drugs and facilitate the care of plants. And their action is much more effective!

Care of house plants

We’ll introduce you to 7 natural fertilizers that will help your Pets to get beautiful blooms After such fertilizing indoor plants are growing by leaps and bounds!

Options feeding

  1. Fertilizing plants with bananas

    The rest of banana peel you need to finely chop and dry.

    When transplanting plants mound the soil layer dried pieces of banana peel or just mix them with the soil. You can also chop the banana splits in a coffee grinder. It turns a dark brown powder which to pour before watering the pot plants or dilute it with water and use as a liquid feed.

    Such a banana pijawka suitable for flowering plants respond well to her roses, pleasing and abundant flowering. Flowering plants provokes potassium, which are rich in bananas.

  2. Yeast

    Yeast in the fertilizer plants to stimulate their growth. Due to a number of substances that are found in yeast growing mineralization of organic substances and aktiviziruyutsya the allocation of carbon dioxide in the soil.

    To prepare the solution, mix 10 g of yeast with a tablespoon of sugar and pour a liter of settled water. Pre-infuse for 2 hours, dissolve the product with water in the ratio 1 : 5 and water in their vases.

    Підживлення кімнатних рослин

  3. Wood ash

    And this is an excellent tool for the prevention of diseases of domestic plants. Due to the fact that the ash contains large amounts of trace elements, it is indispensable for fertilizing indoor herbs.

    Add liter of hot water a tablespoon of ash and insist future fertilizing plants during the week. Periodically take off the cover and stirred the infusion.

    Water the plants with ash should be 1 time in 10 days, after checking, dry soil.

    Підживлення кімнатних рослин

  4. Mineral water

    Did you know that mineral water can also be very useful for fertilizing plants?

    However, before watering mineral water, look on the label how much calcium and magnesium salts it contains. Unfortunately, not all plants tolerate this structure, for example, mineral water, do not water the hydrangea and Azalea. In addition, such water need to be defended.

    Підживлення кімнатних рослин

  5. Coffee

    Add used coffee grounds in the ground for houseplants. It contains a lot of nitrogen, and plants love it very much.

    It is better not to water the plant too much after you add the coffee to the nitrogen is evenly distributed. In addition, coffee makes the soil more friable.

    Coffee grounds will appreciate plants that prefer acidic soil. For example, a hydrangea will bloom very beautifully.

    Підживлення кімнатних рослин

  6. Potato broth

    Boil peeled potatoes in an enamel saucepan and pass, then drain and cool. After these waterings broth house plants.

    Note that this tool should not be stored for the next time, it is better to prepare new!

    Підживлення кімнатних рослин

  7. Nettle

    Nettle is just a wonderful tool to restore depleted soils.

    To create fertilizer, you’ll need 100 g of fresh nettle, which should pour 1 liter of water, cover and infuse for days. After straining Razavi the tincture with water in the ratio 1 : 10.

    Підживлення кімнатних рослин

The Board of Directors

The flower is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. But not everyone has the opportunity to plant them near the house. Save the situation, the window sill, it will be a blooming oasis in the middle of the apartment. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the types of plants that will bloom in the room the whole year. It’s the holiday, girls!

Fertilizing indoor plants, remember one rule: it is better for underfeeding, than to overfill it. Excess nutrients violates the uniform development of plants and may even lead to disease and death.

Take care of proper care of plants today, and they certainly will thank you lush blooms, rich growth and the leaves are the brightest shades!

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