Does the agave syrup healthier than sugar?

What sweeteners are different from sugar.

Чи справді сироп агави корисніший, ніж цукор?

We used to think that any sweetener is healthier than white sugar, especially when the label says that it contains a low glycemic index, or 100% pure product that is ideal for diabetics or ecological food.

For example, agave syrup is organic food, but that does not mean healthy food. The same agave syrup has many nutrients, but is sold as a useful sweetener. Is it really so?

Agave syrup is a sweetener that is extracted from a special type of cactus. A natural sweetener made from a plant very similar to aloe. It has been known for centuries and widely used in Mexico, hence. G donkey is known for its nutrients and positive health effects. But in order to make it a syrup, during the production using different chemicals and compounds, making agave syrup a simple fruit syrup that has no nutrients.

On most labels with agave syrup written about low gcemu index, helpful for diabetics. Basically, it means that the product does not produce chemical bonds, therefore, that the agave syrup is mostly fructose, which does not go directly into the bloodstream, does not increase insulin levels or blood sugar, but for a short period of time. This manifests itself later. As a result of high amounts of fructose can cause problems with metabolism, such as our liver can be overloaded by processing fructose. As a result, it produces fat that remains in the liver. This can cause disease – fatty liver. She mostly appears in the later stages and can cause cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Thus, the study revealed that the agave syrup carries the risk of for diabetics and also slows down the metabolism, increasing the risk of liver diseases.

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