Google co-founder showed electroanalyt. Video

Сооснователь Google показал электросамолет. Видео

As long as he can take off and land only on water.

“A light aircraft Flyer, named after the first aircraft of the Wright brothers (considered the founders of aviation), is a single float multirotor with 10 rotors.

Lithium polymer batteries provide the flight for 12-20 minutes at a height of one to three meters at a speed of 20 mph (32 km/h)”, – stated in the published message.

“While we do not disclose the price of the Flyer. We strive to give people the freedom of flight, so we will work with partners to make entire fleets of such vehicles in places around the world,” – say the creators of the Flyer.

In addition to the Kitty Hawk Flyer is developing a larger commercial machine – double unmanned air taxi Cora, based on the unique scheme of the quadcopter-rotor osprey. Test flying of the prototype of this air taxi pass in New Zealand, which intends to make it a part of its transportation system.

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