Doctors have told how the number of children affects women’s health

Медики рассказали, как количество детей влияет на здоровье женщины

For women, pregnancy and childbirth are a serious burden.

Women who have given birth more than one child, have a 40% greater risk of having a heart attack.

This was stated by British scientists from Cambridge University, writes the with reference to

The greatest risk of heart attack exists among mothers with five or more children. They likely occurrence of cardiovascular diseases by 30%.

Also the presence of five or more children is the main cause of heart attacks, increases the risk of heart failure by 17% and stroke risk by 25%.

And women who have been the sinking of the fetus or miscarriage, risk of cardiovascular disease 60% higher than that of mothers who gave birth to two children.

This risk, researchers explain that, for women, pregnancy and childbirth are a serious burden on the body. Furthermore, additional stress and increased responsibilities due to the emergence of a new family member leave less time for caring about herself.

According to the researchers, they hope that their observations will be an additional motivation for parents of large families to take additional steps to protect your heart.

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