The secrets of the trees will open up the bark and trunk

Bark of trees like fingerprints in humans. This unique fingerprint, which you can read how tree years, if he has the disease. The bark is a valuable source of information about the state of the tree.

Секрети дерев відкриють кора і стовбур

It is possible to see very much. Each species has specific IDs on the basis of which the recognized tree even without leaves. It is the bark, and in chromasteam – buds, released the following year, informs Rus.Media.

It is especially easy to identify Mature trees with well-developed external bodies. Smooth, like lead, the bark is characteristic of beech. For example oak bark is dark and furrowed.

Bark – a natural protective shield for trees as skin for us. Protects the inner cells from desiccation, pests and fungal diseases. At the same time, it is home to thousands of living organisms, from microscopic larvae to bugs, Kurchatov and other insects that live in or under the bark or in the bark.

Some of them are pests, such as worms. They are beings for whom the tree – a natural environment in which they are only part of the food chain. The real experts on withdrawal from the bark of worms and other insects the woodpecker and nuthatch.

Winter in frost cracks of the bark. When the temperature difference is high, the crust may burst. When this happens, fresh, young, soft pieces of bark can be clamped to the barrel and tie with a ribbon. After a few months the tape to be removed.

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