Aphids drink Coca-Cola to death!

Now in our yard in June, and this means that aphids are planned to begin seizure of our garden.

Напоїть тлю Coca-Cola до смерті!

Many of you buy lots of expensive poison from aphids, or neighbors looking for miraculous herbs to fight it, but there are much easier ways of its destruction. Today I want to share with you its experience in the fight against aphids in the area, informs Rus.Media.

The method is very simple to use: we need a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola and three tablespoons of liquid soap. Coca-Cola or need a long time to shake, or pour out in a saucepan. Our goal at this stage is to get rid of gas, because they interfere with spraying. When Coca-Cola free from gas, then we add liquid soap and mix thoroughly. We need soap as a means for adhesion of the solution deposited on the leaves.

Pour Coca-Cola back into the bottle, screw-on the spray gun and sprayed on uredniku aphids on roses, flowers, berry bushes, in the trees.

What I want to say: death of the pest is inevitable. With water to dilute Coca-Cola does not need brisket, which is apricot every two weeks.

Once took the grandson to the country he helped to spraying, so the voice that I so much good damage. A week later came to me and looked at the result and Coca-Cola doesn’t drink anymore: how porobleno. So, dear friends, I have solved two problems at once with one bottle of Coca-Cola!

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