Why you should not spit in the drink to the head for revenge

It can be a step ahead of you, and it may be trickier.

Чому не варто плювати в напій начальнику заради помсти

In India, an office worker was fired in a very insidious thing. He decided to annoy his superiors, using a classic dirty trick, including drink his own saliva. The Manager was sure that no one sees, but the camera saw everything, reports Rus.Media.

I’m sure many wanted to spit in the tea or soup to their evil boss, but the Manager of the legal service of India decided not to limit their dreams. It is not clear, why it so enraged the boss, but when she was asked to fetch water, the slave decided that it a chance.

As the video shows, the Manager came into the room and furtively looking around, he took the Cup, thinking that no one sees him. Pouring water, he did not hesitate decided to lay a cunning plan. That opposite installed a hidden camera, a man not suspected.

The Manager filled a Cup with water and slowly spit, even a little Prohlada saliva, to ensure the quality of revenge.

To monitor the dastardly Manager began four days before the incident, when the security service has noticed changes in his behavior. He became aggressive, and the boss began to notice a strange taste in their drinks. Then it was decided to observe the assistant with the camera.

After the incident, the insidious employee was suspended from work, and the video was published on social networks, where users have decided that the Manager banished deserved.

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