VISA cards failed around the world

In stores and restaurants are unable to deduct money for goods and services.

Карти VISA дали збій по всьому світу

The owners of Bank cards Visa complained about the failure that was observed in the payment system. With credit cards you can not pay for goods and services in shops. Difficulty in payment systems recorded in the UK and Europe, reports Rus.Media.

It is impossible to pay for the services of restaurants and cafes. Among the victims services transaction Paymentsense. Members of the service informed customers about the difficulties that may arise when paying by Visa cards in the UK and Ireland.

According to some of the problems with Bank cards arose and the owners of MasterCard. Visa has published on its website a message that acknowledges a failure, but did not explain the reasons for difficulties. The company has assured that the investigation is ongoing, so in the near future to solve the problem.

Queues in supermarkets and petrol stations confirmed the existence of problems. The staff of these institutions report that operations with Bank cards and the payment system was not running. The only exception was Norway. The banks in this country stated the stable operation of all payment systems.

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