The doctors explained how the brain reacts to pain from injury

Медики рассказали, как мозг реагирует на боль от травм

People quickly adapt to the movements.

Researchers from Laval University (Canada) set up an experiment to find out how the brain reacts to painful movement after injuries. The results were published in a press release.

Physical damage people quickly adapt to the movements to avoid pain. To clarify this mechanism, the scientists invited 30 people and divided them into two groups. The first was getting pain in the biceps during flexion of the elbow, and the second during extension. Experts observed the reaction of the brain using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

They found that during those movements that cause pain, the brain sends weaker signals and, conversely, increases when gestures avoid it. If the brain knows that the movement will lead to pain, reaction time for execution of such movement increases, but the manipulation is faster than normal. Therefore, the brain tries to reduce the duration of pain.

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