These two do not eat or drink – eat the energy of the Universe. Here’s how it works

A good way to save on groceries :).

Ці двоє нічого не їдять і не п&#039ють - їдять енергією Всесвіту. Ось як це працює

Meet with the couple Akahi Ricardo and Camille Costello, who believe that food and water is simply not necessary, and that people can eat only the energy of the Universe, informs Rus.Media.

Such people are called sonzai, brettany or prenotati, and they argue that “life without food” strengthens their health and emotional well-being.

And because they “eat the air”, you can spend money on travel, not on the usual things like, you know, food.

“People can easily go without food – if they are connected with energy that is present in every corner of the Universe.”

How to become conceal.

Camille and Akahi say that not eating for about three years, but now sometimes include in your diet fruits. The pair became bretany in 2008, after completing the 21-day transformation, which is as follows:

  1. “The first seven days not used anything except air.”
  2. “Seven days to the menu, added some water and diluted juice.”
  3. “In the last seven days of the diet is diluted juice and water.”

That is, in fact, it is fast plus diet consisting of diluted juice and water? Hard to believe that after this, you can survive.

But that’s not all. Camille says that the food they is in principle not necessary, and that during the first pregnancy she ate no more than five times, and in order to calm the people around her.

Hunger is an unknown feeling for me. A child that I wore, were enough of my love.

During the second pregnancy, Camilla a couple of times drank fruit and vegetable broth.

Began to eat for the kids.

But after the birth of a son and daughter the couple made the decision “to learn the joy of food.” Now they are several times a week, eat small portions of vegetables or fruits. The main food is water and “energy of the Universe”!

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