6 questions about the color of the meat that concern all

Whether it’s a blood-red steak or white meat chicken, cooked any way convenient for you, in the end, our stomach almost all the same what to digest and break down.

6 питань про колір м&#039яса, які хвилюють всіх

Whether it’s a blood-red steak or white meat chicken, cooked any way convenient for you, in the end, our stomach almost all the same what to digest and break down, reports Rus.Media.

So what we care about is that the crude product is aesthetically pleasing look attractive and we like at least the initial of their color? It’s all about the habit to visually assess the freshness and quality of meat according to the established templates.

Tenderloin, deep red color we will be happy to put in the basket darkened the edges of the meat we alerted. And it does nothing! As it turned out, in the view of most of what the colors should be fresh meat, there are many controversial issues. Today we have specific examples we will try to clarify all of the dark spots associated with meat color, outlining them in the format “question-answer”.

What affects the color of meat?

The color of the meat of any animal (and fish too) depends on the ratio in it red and white muscle fibers. So, horses, cows and other moving animal will need a lot of oxygen, and therefore a lot of myoglobin. Muscles as chicken of oxygen required is considerably less, which explains the light color of its meat.

All of this explains only the colors, but not shades that form our notions of freshness, and even the suitability of the product for food. They, in turn, depend on species, age and sex of the animal and its diet and the level of mobility.

Meat or meat product may change color after being in the fridge, becoming slightly lighter or darker, which in itself does not indicate corruption of the product.

As the lack of air affects the color?

Often the meat to modern man gets sealed, and the seller is more interested in the fact that it looked appetizing. So meat tend to be more likely to be packaged in vacuum packaging to preserve its original rich purple color. At the same time pereboeva in contact with the oxygen of the pieces or the meat takes on a reddish-brown color due to oxidation of the protein myoglobin. But it is very unlikely that immediately after opening the original packaging store the meat in your kitchen quickly darken, losing presentable, and certainly it will not deteriorate under conditions of storage.

How freezing affects the color of meat?

With proper freezing, when the meat is well Packed, wrapped and is in the freezer, perhaps only a slight fading and darkening. Of course, this does not affect the safety of the product, but failure to comply with these requirements and constraints, for example, for a period of freezing, the surface of the meat can cover the dry white patches that indicate a burn from freezing. They also do not bear any risk, except for the lack of such sites of the former taste and high dry compared to the rest of the piece. If you are not much concerned about the integrity of the finished piece of meat, the question can easily be solved by simply cutting off damaged by frost.

Maybe pink inside the Patty of minced meat to be considered ready?

So. Ground beef can be pink inside after it is safely cooked. The color pink manifests itself through a reaction between heat and myoglobin, respectively, as we already know, for the red or pink color.

Because of security and readiness can be judged by color, it is very important to use a food thermometer when cooking meat stuffing. In order to ensure the destruction of harmful bacteria inside the chicken, the temperature at the center should cross the mark in 71-75 °C.

What causes the rainbow color of the meat?

Meat contains iron, fat and other compounds. When the light hits the piece, it splits into rainbow colours as it occurs in nature. Only here the situation is somewhat complicated by the different degrees of light refraction in the substances on the surface.

In addition, in meat there are different pigments that can give him the rainbow or greenish colour under the influence of the heat treatment. Packing meat in a sealed wrapper and to store it in a dark place to help prevent this situation. But anyway, this “variegation” is not a threat to the quality or safety of fresh meat.

What caused the severe change in the color of sausage products?

It just so happened that the chemicals, conservation, pumping oxygen and ultraviolet light is the right way to protect the product from damage. But exposure to light and oxygen causes oxidation, which leads to breaking of the colour pigments, especially in the processing of meat in the sausage product.

Solutions of preservatives used in these processes, have each producer has a different composition and, of course, different change the color. But something can still be generalized. So, raw pork are usually gray, but in the composition of sausage products it becomes light pink.

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