Footage Zaitseva in the first minutes after an accident in Odessa. Video

Кадры с Зайцевой в первые минуты после ДТП в Харькове. Видео

According to the video, documents Zaitseva (driver’s license) in possession.

Judge of Kyivsky district court of Kharkiv on Wednesday, may 30, watched the video from lapel camera police officers who were first on the scene of the resonant road accident with the participation of Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronov 18th of October of last year.

As reported by the online edition of the with reference to the Censor.NO, according to the video, documents Zaitseva (driver’s license) in possession. The girl and her friends called someone to have them brought.

During previous court hearings, the lawyer Zaitseva claimed that a bag with documents was lost upon impact, so they were not. Also according to the video Zaitseva was asked not to shoot her and her friend. “Don’t shoot, I’m calling my lawyer!”, the girls would say. In conversation with friends Zaitseva told me not to tell my mom, obviously, about what happened.

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