If you can not get rich, here are 5 reasons that hinder you!

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Якщо ви ніяк не можете розбагатіти, ось 5 причин, які вам заважають!

“Never blame for their failures. Good people give happiness. Bad people give experience. The worst people are presented with the lesson. The best people leave memories”, reports Rus.Media.

Read that quote once or twice. What feelings do you have with it? And how much of it consonant with your life? Some people in your life more? If good, then it is solely your merit. Because your way of thinking and attitude towards people form your life.

You will not be successful until your mind and heart will not come into equilibrium. The acquisition and accumulation of wealth is not a symbol of prosperity. This is something that is born in the mind and heart.

You will not succeed while in your life there is a negative. But don’t blame yourself if someone acts against you! Finding flaws in others to distract from the implementation of their plans.

5 things that hinder your success:

Fuzzy thinking

Fear causes unclear thinking. We are constantly afraid to make mistakes, because others depend on us. However, fuzzy thinking prevents us to thrive, because it provokes us to short-sighted decisions.

In the journal The Psychology of Scarcity article appeared in “Psychology of scarcity” in which Dr. Melanie Greenberg confirms that the deficit thinking narrows the time frame that leads to making impulsive decisions that increase the difficulty in the long run.

Example: justification of nonpayment of debt (e.g., credit card) after impulsive (expensive purchases with this card).

Dr. Greenberg recommends 5 ways to overcome the deficit of positive thinking:

  • feel gratitude;
  • not to compare ourselves with others.
  • to deal with Intrusive thoughts;
  • to take preventive measures (early warning of any problems);
  • not to be greedy (generosity and prosperity are indivisible).

The feeling of futility

All subject to negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. Sometimes they arise as a result of depression or other psychological trauma. Psychologists attribute the depressive thinking with a sense of uselessness and inadequacy.

A sense of futility, by definition, the opposite of a sense of abundance. You will not be able to think positively, if you feel useless. Similar feelings are expressed in the feeling of lack of achievement, attractiveness, intelligence, health, and other negative views of themselves.

Remember: you need people who love and care about you. In this case, it is impossible to be useless… even if you don’t like yourself.

Dr. Aaron Beck the father of cognitive therapy, recommends that to overcome the feelings of futility this way:

  • monitoring self-critical inner monologue;
  • awareness of these thoughts as they arise;
  • acceptance without judgment.

Just watch these thoughts as they appear and disappear. It reduces feelings of depression and adds to the life of abundance and positivity.

The search for the perpetrators

Accept the fact: everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. Imperfect and you, and those people that are near you. Unfortunately, we live in a society that values status and achievement more than morality and kindness.

Thus, people who do not succeed are perceived as losers. This also applies to unattractive or strange people.

To judge and accuse someone – even one disguised form of negativity, to make you feel better. But you will not achieve anything! Condemnation of others creates negativity to yourself! So stop hurting yourself, judging and criticizing others and you will return to a life of positivity and abundance!

Bad habits

Bad habits, fast food, alcohol, Smoking, obscene language, and much more, give people immediate pleasure. Remember that bad habits weaken us, because we have a lot in common with the mentality of scarcity is short-sighted thinking, impulsiveness, excuse yourself and narrowing time frames.

So it makes sense acquires positive habits, and they will lead to positive thinking. The only way!

Suppressed emotions

No psychologist denies the negative effects of emotional trauma, including repressed emotions that remain in the subconscious. These emotions are harmful, because in fact they are difficult to ignore. They affect the mind and prevent to enjoy life.

However, there are ways of getting rid of the burden of suppressed emotions. For example, the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Although technically EFT is considered an alternative energy therapy, she has received recognition in the scientific community as a potentially effective practice of treatment of various types of emotional trauma.

All the issues that hinder you to enjoy life. Awareness will help you cope with them.

Don’t let anyone, even yourself, stop you becoming who you wanted to be!

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