The EU offer to give up plastic

Without sticks and straws.

В ЄС пропонують відмовитися від пластику

Monday, may 28, the European Commission presented the action plan for reducing the use of plastic in the EU. These proposals are posted on the official website, reports Rus.Media.

The list included 10 products that make up 70% of the total garbage in the waters and on the beaches of the European Union. Proposed to ban plastic in the production of disposable utensils, straws, and sticks for stirring drinks, Cutlery, “taped” for balloons and an ear with hygienic sticks, because it is an affordable alternative.

Manufacturers want to oblige to cover the costs of waste management and cleaning. They will have to educate the population on food packages, particularly packages and wrappers (e.g., chips and sweets), cigarette butts, beverage containers, lightweight plastic bags. And for some products propose to introduce a standardized marking that indicates the method of disposal of wastes, their negative impact on the environment and the presence of plastic in the products. This applies to sanitary towels, wet wipes and balloons. European Commission proposals still must be approved by the European Parliament and the EU Council.

According to CNN Money, the Association of environmental organizations Rethink Plastic Alliance has called the proposal “a leap forward”, but criticized flaws that exist in their opinion.

Any comments and manufacturers of plastic. So, Plastics Europe, which represents them, said that he supports “comprehensive goal,” but to provide the best collection of used plastic should be more resources to waste management. In addition, the organization notes that “alternative products can be more sustainable.”

As reported by CNN Money, on a global scale for recycling are collected only 14% of plastic, while, as already began to alter the 58% paper and 90% of the metal. Studies show that by 2050 the oceans mass is more plastic than fish, what motivates politicians to act, companies and individuals.

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