Named four products that improve the health of your teeth

Названы четыре продукта, улучшающие здоровье зубов

Dentists believe that these products can replace toothpaste.

Everyone knows that to keep a white smile is possible only in case, if you brush your teeth twice a day, rinse the mouth after meals, to floss and every six months to visit the dentist.

As it turned out, that’s not all methods that you can use to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Scientists have named four products that provide maximum benefit to teeth:

Green apples. Apart from the fact that consumption of apples helps to strengthen teeth, thanks to them you can eliminate harmful bacteria from the mouth, which that erode tooth enamel, cause bad smell and provoke the development of caries.

Hard cheeses. Cheese contains calcium, but this substance is renowned for its ability to strengthen bones and teeth including. Plus, hard cheese protects tooth enamel and has a beneficial effect on the gums.

Broccoli and other varieties of cabbage. Dietary fiber (cellulose) reduces inflammation of the gums. Acid contained in the Kale, remove pathogenic bacteria, and this means that they protect the teeth from decay.

Strawberries and other berries. They are rich in fruit acids, which effectively fight bacteria in the mouth, which is the main cause of tooth decay. Besides, fresh berries eliminate bad breath, so you can eat them when there is no opportunity to brush my teeth.

Previously, scientists have proved that instead of conditioner you can use milk, especially when at hand is no pasta, no other means to cleanse the mouth and teeth. But this method had remained unnoticed.

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