In Crimea, the child nearly drowned in a storm. Video

В Крыму ребенок чуть не утонул в шторм. Видео

Child pulled by a rope.

The boy was rescued by concerned witnesses. According to preliminary data, the young krymchanin was not injured and escaped with a fright.

In Yalta Nikita rescued the drowning child. Eyewitnesses posted in social network a videotape of the incident.

The video shows two men using ropes pulled the drowning child from the sea. The incident caused a heated discussion among the users.

“Parents do not let children alone on the sea. Child Nikita in the video, lucky I got here in time… But it could be much sadder,” — said the author of the video.

“Guys, I pulled out and shot my friend. We just walked there, and children played, running from the waves. The lifeguard was not clear at all where that came later. Just kill that sat next to the adults and not even warned of the danger to children,” wrote krymchanin.

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