Found the largest sea treasures in the world

The Holy Grail of wreck ships.

Знайдені найбільші морські скарби в світі

The legendary Spanish Galleon “San Jose”, known for their treasures “the Holy Grail of shipwrecks”, was found the naval forces of Colombia. On Board perished vessel the detected value by several billion dollars, reports Rus.Media.

60-gun Galleon, along with the precious cargo jewelry, precious stones and gold coins, sank on June 8 1708 during the battle at the island Bar.

Знайдені найбільші морські скарби в світі

Since then, treasure hunters all over the world tried in vain to find the ship and to lift at least a fraction of the treasure to the surface.

Знайдені найбільші морські скарби в світі

According to conservative estimates, now lies at the bottom of about 15 billion US dollars. “San Jose” found the Autonomous robot at a depth of 600 meters, but the exact place of its location classified by the Colombian government — for obvious reasons.

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