The Americans chose the most beautiful girl of the country. Tell, who is “miss United States — 2018”

Snatched victory at the end.

Американці вибрали найкрасивішу дівчину країни. Розповідаємо, хто така «Міс США — 2018»

On 21 may, the eyes of all Americans were glued to the TV screens, because in the state of Louisiana passed the final of the beauty contest “Miss USA — 2018”. 51 participants, one from each state competed for the title of most beautiful girl and for the opportunity to represent the country at the international competition “Miss universe”, reports Rus.Media.

In the result of intense struggle, the jury chose the winner. It was the representative of Nebraska’s 23-year-old Sarah rose summers. Second place was taken by a native of North Carolina, Kaylin Miller, and the third Carolina Urrea from Nevada.

Crown the new Queen of beauty gave “Miss USA — 2017” Kara McCullough.

Sarah summers is a graduate of Texas Christian University, during her studies, she worked as a Pilates instructor. After graduation she has a bachelor’s degree in the field of “strategic communication” and “child psychology”.

Sarah also studied for a year in Peru on an exchange program. The girl traveled alone in the small villages along the banks of the Amazon.

And now she works in the pediatric Department, where explains various procedures and psychological support.

Summers promotes a healthy lifestyle, she even helped his mother to lose 32 kg. Also her friends said that she helped them overcome anorexia.

New “Miss USA” not married, but her heart is occupied with baseball player Conner Combs. Judging by Stagra girls, they hold together a very long time.

Finally won the hearts of jury members and spectators Sarah in the last round. She asked so she wrote on the poster, if you were going to some rally.

The girl said, “I would write: “Talk to people”. When they have questions, communicate with them. Listen to their opinions. What we really need to focus in our country is to listen to each other.”

It’s funny that in the last few years, this title is not won no the blonde girl and the blonde was gone a long time ago. As, incidentally, representatives of the Nebraska is the first victory for them.

Now, ahead of Sarah “Miss universe”, so wish her luck, but ill will certainly for his. Perhaps beauty pageants should have a bit or die, or they urgently need to change the format. People gradually come to the realization that beauty is relative, and therefore these awards are meaningless. Let’s see how it goes.

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