Holodni the wolves surrounded the horse, but what happened after is unbelievable

The animal world is harsh and dangerous.

Голодни вовки оточили коня, але у те що трапилося після - неможливо повірити

The animal world is harsh and dangerous. Survival of the fittest is the main rule. However, sometimes animals surprise us with their behavior, going against her own instincts. One of such cases we wish to tell you today, reports Rus.Media.

The video below was filmed in the snowy winter of Italy. The author of the video, seeing how remarkable nonchalance horse walks side by side with a pack of wolves, decided to capture this amazing moment.

Looks like the orderlies of the forest, too, chokovani from this horse. They circle around, but do not dare to attack. But in the end the horse produces it that makes the tailed beasts and not run off to the side.

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