The bride left the wedding, overhearing the conversation of the father with the groom

In just a few minutes can destroy not only marriage, but also faith in people.

Наречена втекла з весілля, підслухавши розмову батька з нареченим

Everything went according to script but in the middle of the celebration, the bride disappeared. It has long sought, at first thinking it a prank, or “Bridal kidnapping” of the bride for the sake of “redemption”. But when she never found the celebration was spoiled finally, reports Rus.Media.

And on Tuesday evening she returned, handed her husband a certificate of abortion from the clinic, dad’s car keys, Packed his bags and left. Wednesday already filed for divorce…

It turned out that at the party she got sick and it came on the air. There heard her dad told the groom that married the mother of the bride “shotgun”. He regrets it his whole life that he is unhappy, because he loved and still loves some Svetlana, as he sympathizes with and understands son-in-law, who was in the same situation, and even began to joke, saying that one girl still managed to break the lives of two different men. And they both laughed.

The girl was in shock, she didn’t understand — it seemed to her that father was very fond of her, and mom had a good relationship… if so say it — why, then, gave birth to four children? Oldest 23 and the youngest only a fourth year!

“Just a couple of minutes can destroy not only marriage, but faith in people.”

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