Published full route “Beech” shot down MH17

A joint investigation team published a video with the reconstruction of the complete route from Russia in a Ukraine anti-aircraft missile launcher “Buk” that shot down the plane.

Опублікований повний маршрут "Бука", який збив МН17

Investigators published a video, which reconstructed the full route from Russia in a Ukraine anti-aircraft missile launcher “Buk”, which then shot down the plane MH17.

The video was presented at a press conference on international Joint investigation team to investigate the crash of flight MH17, reports Rus.Media.

To reconstruct the exact route helped received at the disposal of investigators, pictures and videos and comparing them with images in Google Street View. And to identify the “Buk” was made possible thanks to staff, which are clearly visible tactical numbers, the stain on the treads, mark the center of gravity and unique design features.

The video shows the photographs show that the self-propelled fire installation Buk missile system that shot down the plane MH17 over the Donbas, was first located in Russia – in the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade near Kursk. 23 Jun 2014 she was in a convoy of military vehicles headed South. Along with it went another 5 Buks. On this day, the column was first caught on video. She was on the track Р298 and moved in the direction of the village of Nikolskoye.

Next time the column was removed to the South, in the village of Trinity. Technique interfere with the movement of public transport, so in social networks has published numerous photos and videos. The footage shows the car numbers, which allowed them to identify. Then the column was fixed in Stary Oskol, near Neznamova as she moved around the track Р188, then in the Settlement. During this time military equipment was held for about 175 km.

Later the column was filmed in villages of Rahovec and Alekseevka. There is also a video of the convoy at the moment when he was 25 km from the Ukrainian border.

Powders that “Buk” is also repeatedly recorded on photo and video on 17 and 18 July 2014, during its transportation through the territory of Ukraine. As reported, the international Joint investigation team to investigate the crash of flight MH17 concluded that the Malaysian “Boeing” was shot down over the Donetsk region in 2014, anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”, which arrived in Ukraine with the 53rd antiaircraft missile brigade of the Russian armed forces, located near Kursk.

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