This is only the beginning! The Ukrainian military has moved 2 km and was fixed in the new frontiers of the occupied Donbass – volunteer

According to the volunteer, the Ukrainian military is entrenched in the new frontiers and heights.

Це тільки початок! Українські військові просунулися на 2 км і закріпилися на нових рубежах окупованого Донбасу - волонтер

In the area of operations of the combined forces of one of the infantry battalions from the brigade APU improved its position, reports Rus.Media.

“The systematic attacks by militants Ukrainian military has been forced to improve and secure its leading position,” writes on his page on Facebook volunteer Yury Misan.

“The battalion has moved forward by more than 2 km and dug in on the new frontiers and heights, getting on the front tactical advantage”, – the volunteer told.

According to Misana, now everything has changed: there is a threat to the lives of terrorists. “And there are no violations, all within the framework of the Minsk agreements”, – he concluded.

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