The legend of the Loch Ness monster check by the test DNA

Everybody knows that Scotland is an incredible creature. There are even photos that were made by different people at different period of time. Now, scientists will be able to confidently say – there is chuvisco or is it just a legend to attract tourists.

Легенду про Лохнеське  чудовисько перевірять завдяки тестам ДНК

Hundreds of years visitors to the lake Lohnes, located in Scotland, described the same creature that lives in its depths. It is affectionately dubbed Nessie, informs Rus.Media.

Scientists from New Zealand sent an international team on this lake, to take water samples and do DNA tests to find out what types of animals live there. Many who do not believe in the existence of Nessie, but the photo made by different visitors of this lake are forced to think about this question.

One of the theories of the researchers said that Nessie may be a plesiosaur Dovgoshey, who managed somehow to survive during the period of the extinction of the dinosaurs. Researchers believe that if this creature actually lives in the water, she was able to leave little fragments of DNA which can be detected in the skin, then ‘s, urine of the animal.

The team will take 300 samples of water from different parts of the lake and at different depths. The researchers will filter out organic material and get DNA. The obtained results will be compared to the database of all known species. Scientists plan to finish their studies before the end of the year. Professor Nail Gemmell from Otago University, which is Central to this research trip, I decided once and for all end the myth, or confirm it.

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