Poroshenko: the Day of the marine corps in Ukraine will celebrate on may 23

President Petro Poroshenko during the visit to Nikolaev signed a decree on the celebration of the marine corps of Ukraine on 23 may each year.

Порошенко: День морської піхоти в Україні будуть святкувати 23 травня

“Noting the courage and patriotism of the Marines shown in the struggle for freedom, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and to start new military traditions, decide to establish in Ukraine the Day of the marine corps of Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on 23 may, reports Rus.Media. To admit such that lost power, presidential decree No. 352 on the Bottom of the marine corps. This decree shall enter into force on the day of its publication,” – said in the text of the decree.

According to Poroshenko, 34 marine gave his life for Ukraine, 290 were wounded.

Before the marine corps birthday ball in Ukraine is celebrated annually on November 16.

Ukrainian Marines today celebrate the centenary of the creation. It 23 may 1918, Hetman Skoropadsky issued a decree “On the formation of a marine brigade consisting of three regiments for service”. This document is the first of the creation of the marine corps of Ukraine in the 20th century.

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