In the Kiev metro escalator injured a child

The accident occurred due to negligence of the parent of five children.

У київському метро ескалатор завдав травму дитині

The incident occurred in the Kiev metro station “Pecherskaya”. There as a result of the negligence of the mother of five children almost dragged the escalator. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but the child still sustained damage. This was reported by the press service of “Kiev metro”, reports Rus.Media.

As it turned out, the mother of five children weren’t watching him – she was holding his hand and the kid sat on the steps of the escalator, which is against the rules. As a result, the escalator had sucked a child’s fingers between the steps and balustrade.

In this regard, the subway resembles the rules of use of the underground – children need to hold hands, and very little on hand. In addition, you should hold on to the handrail not to run on the escalator and not sit on the stairs.

“Following these simple right-wing – the key to your fast and safe ride!” the message reads “Kiev underground”.

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