In India police have shot dead 12 demonstrators

They were protesting against the plant, which, according to them, polluted the air.

В Індії поліція розстріляла 12 демонстрантів

In the Indian city of Tuticorin police opened fire on demonstrators, who demanded to close the factory for the production of copper, reports Rus.Media.

“We have confirmed that 12 people were killed during the police firing. We fear that the death toll may increase,” – said one of the police officers in the city China.

According to local residents, this plant pollutes the air.

The demonstrators for several hours demanded to close the factory, which is owned Grizodubova British company Vedanta Resources.

It is reported that the protesters stormed the local government building and set fire to it, after they were denied permission to hold a rally at the factory.

The police also said that during the riots, which lasted four hours, had burned more than 110 vehicles.

“The police tried to stop protesters by using batons and tear gas, but failed. After that, fire was opened. The clashes injured 20 police officers”, – stated in the material.

It is noted that the police action caused outrage among the public. The leader of the opposition party “the Indian national Congress Rahul Gandhi called it “state terrorism.

The administration of the state of Tamil Nadu, where these events took place,promised to pay to families of victims one million rupees (about 14.7 thousand dollars) compensation.

Protests against the plant lasted a few months. They intensified after it became known that the British company decided to expand production.

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