10 rules to Orchid bloomed again and again. And every time steeper and steeper!

She needs proper care and all.

10 правил, щоб орхідея цвіла знову і знову. І кожен раз - все крутіше і крутіше!

Orchid looks noble and stylish in any interior. Today we will tell you how to get it to bloom a second and third time. The main thing – to follow a few simple rules, reports Rus.Media.

Here’s what you should do to admire flowers orchids all year round:

Determine the age of the Orchid

if less than a year, it will not bloom. The age of the plant can be calculated by the number of shoots. The adult plants they will be around 5-8.

Early flowering Orchid is dangerous – it is fatal, because a young flower after early flowering to recover very difficult.

Follow the roots

they need a lot of sunlight. Throw the flowers in ceramic pots and in transparent, made of plastic, make sure they were provided with sufficient drainage holes.

Do not move the pots too often

Orchid hates it when moving it. When the light changes, it gets real stressful. It is better not to move the pot of Orchid, especially during irrigation and during the emergence of the peduncle.

Good lighting

Orchid is very demanding to light, it can not be put in the shade. The more sun, so it is better. If the light is not enough, get a special folano. It will provide the orchids plenty of light, but will not dry the air around the flower.

Polana useful to you, if the Orchid will produce a flower spike in winter or in autumn, a time when sunlight is not enough. If the whole plant lighting does not work, in extreme cases, highlight only the tip of the peduncle.

Correct watering

Water the Orchid when the soil completely dry out – that the roots of the plants are not rotting the roots. This rule applies to plants of all ages and any time of year.

There is one exception: after the Orchid Bud, reduce watering to one per month.

10 правил, щоб орхідея цвіла знову і знову. І кожен раз - все крутіше і крутіше!

And Vice versa – in the period before flowering and during flowering try to water the orchids as often as possible.

The correct temperature

Orchid does not like extremes in temperature. The night temperature should not be reduced relative to the fluorescent less than 4 to 6° C. From spring to autumn the plant can be put on the balcony.

But in the cold season this tree. it is better to put somewhere near the battery. It is very important to ventilate the room where the Orchid is, but not to create drafts – their Orchid does not like.

The right fertilizer

Use fertilizing with potassium and phosphorus, so the flower buds appear faster, and the flowers grow stronger and healthier.

Watch out for humidity

Orchid does not tolerate dry air – he development of orchids may be terminated or, alternatively, it may wither and the flowers and buds prosecute.

To increase humidity, use a dish of water or direct spraying (if the weather is very hot and the air dry). The last method is especially good during the heating season.

10 правил, щоб орхідея цвіла знову і знову. І кожен раз - все крутіше і крутіше!

Stress stimulates the growth of orchids

Too comfortable life can slow down the flowering process, but if you throw a Orchid under a temporary stress – for example, put in a cool room or less water – it’s fast stimulates flowering.

A period of rest

the orchids starts after flowering, during this time, the flower accumulate strength for the next flowering. Your task in this period is to abide by the 9 rules given above so that the flower stayed alive and healthy.

To feed a plant is not necessary – Orchid, as already mentioned, rests. The dormant period is the best time to transplant orchids. Transplant usually make one every 2-3 years or even less frequently.

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