Scientists explain why you need time to wipe the dust

To protect yourself, you need to monitor the cleanliness of the house.

Вчені пояснили, чому потрібно вчасно витирати пил

According to new research by Portuguese scientists from the universities of Aveiro and Bayra Interior, a chemical that is contained in house dust and other common things, makes you gain weight, according to Rus.Media.

This chemical is called “obesogens”. Despite the wild for many the name, it is a very popular in all sectors of the industry. Obesogen used in household plastics, non-stick coating, pesticides, food additives, clothing and even cosmetics.

The accumulation of this element in the body leads to disruption of processing of fats and their deposition in the human body, the consequence of which is obesity. To protect yourself you need to monitor the cleanliness of the house, rarely using household chemicals for cleaning, eating fresh foods and less frequent use, but to properly dispose of plastic.

In 2017, the Organization for economic cooperation and development, presented the rating of countries by the number of full of people, where the leading position occupied “dirty” States members of the United Nations: the United States, Mexico and Hungary.

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