Representatives of wild fauna of the lynx, figuring out who is steeper, became stars of the Internet (video)

Users incredibly amused by the scene, taken patient canadian tourist on a forest trail.

Представники дикої фауни рисі, з&#039ясовуючи, хто з них крутіший, стали зірками Інтернету (відео)

Two wildlife species, not paying attention to people, within ten minutes I had it out in a raised voice, reports Rus.Media.

Yelling at each other lynx instantly became stars of the Internet, and the video got viral spread. Still, the wild members of the cat, unlike their smaller urban relatives, shouting such vile voices, which at times resembled inadequate people that fell into hysterics. Figuring out who is steeper, lynx, apparently, did not hesitate in expressions. Before the major physical contact, it never came, despite the assassination and butting heads.

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