Named drink that damages the liver is stronger than vodka

Fans of similar drinks threatens a possible development of serious diseases.

Названо напій, який шкодить печінці сильніше горілки

Consumption of this drink provokes the depletion of functions of cells, organs and tissues in the human body. The most significant harm to the human body cause energy drinks containing large amounts of caffeine, – said the doctor, candidate of medical Sciences Anatoly Pecinka.

About it writes Rus.Media.

“These drinks cause energy depletion in the cells of organs and tissues, irritate the digestive organs, squeeze the body of all possible energy. Energy drinks have a more aggressive effect on the internal organs than vodka is strong,” stated the medic.

Anatoly Pecinka said that fans of similar drinks runs the risk the development of serious diseases of the digestive system, heart. In addition, the energy have a negative impact on mental health. But the main harm from consumption of such drinks bear the liver.

“Soft drinks contain large amounts of sugar, there are flavors, synthetic food dyes, stabilizers of taste, often there you can find and alcohol substitutes. This dangerous mix is slowly but surely poisons the liver is forced to metabolize alcohol and eliminate it from the body,”– said the doctor.

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