In Ukraine increased social food

At the same time fell beef and chicken.

В Україні подорожчали соціальні продукти харчування

At the same time fell beef and chicken.

In Ukraine has risen some social food. About it on may 22, powderless on the website of the state Statistics.

So, in April compared with March, the average price of milk in the country increased by 0.7% to 15.07 UAH per liter, reports the Internet-the edition Rus.Media.

Bread rose by an average of 0.7%. In January of 1 kg of bread in Ukraine cost UAH 11.6 (about 5.6 UAH per loaf).

Among all types of meat pork only rose by 5.6% to 69.3 per UAH per 1 kg.

At the same time, beef prices have fallen by 0.3%, poultry – by 0.08%.

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