In Uzhgorod charmed with their beauty the longest Linden alley in Europe

This year it happened early.

В Ужгороді зачарувала своєю красою найдовша липова алея в Європі

The longest lime Avenue of Europe blossomed in Uzhgorod, waiting for July. Planted Linden alley in Uzhgorod in the 1930-ies in the days of Czechoslovakia. Its length is about 2.2 km Walkway along the river in the heart of the city and occupies two embankments – Independence and Student, reports Rus.Media.

Stands are Park-monument of landscape art and one of the trademarks of the city of Uzhgorod, reports UNN. Giant trees filled the aroma of his color Central part of the city, and benches under the spreading Linden trees has become a favorite place of recreation for locals and visitors alike.

By the way, the Czechoslovak scientists who laid the alley of 90 years ago, landed on the banks of the river are several types of Linden trees, which bloom at about the same time and then bloom for quite a long time.

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