In Ukraine will start to record cash registers

The Ministry of Finance has prepared the draft documents.

В Україні почнуть по-новому реєструвати касові апарати

The Ministry of Finance prepared the simplification of procedures for registration of cash registers as possible within the framework of the relevant law. Is composed of electronic register manufacturers, cash register and service centres (SSC), reports Rus.Media.

“In your electronic account, the payer can see what models and manufacturers of cash registers, which CSO they served. Instead of having to carry a bunch of papers, go through technical advice and bureaucratic procedures of registration, the payer will only need to submit the application in electronic form, and indicate which model of cash register, it will use what center he has a contract for service, and everything” — said the Director of the Department of database monitoring and verification of payments of the Ministry of Finance Irina Lutsenko.

After may 21 the draft Directive of the Ministry of Finance and the CMU should be made available on the Ministry’s website.

In addition, it is planned to enable companies to conduct e-cash book is similar to the current paper, where it is necessary to glue all receipts. But this does not mean that you can abandon the paper version of the book, because she will need for sticking cheques in the case when the point will not light.

And so as long as the will to act is long outdated law the cash register.

“The law, in particular, were written under a certain modification of PPO (external module, internal module, etc.), which is now worth about 20 thousand UAH. Therefore hampered the introduction of cash registers among individuals-entrepreneurs, which is very expensive. Since the law change is very difficult, we have simplified what I could,” – said Lutsenko.

To implement cheaper and more modern ways of payment the Ministry of Finance started a pilot project, which has already been written

“We talked to the manufacturer of RRO under the requirements of the current law, and he at least promised us that the hardware-software complex will cost no more than $50”, — told in the Ministry of Finance.

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