5 plants that will bring order to your hormones

And no threat therapy!

5 рослин, які приведуть в порядок ваші гормони

Hormonal imbalance in women causes unpleasant symptoms of PMS or menopause, and even infertility. The cause of the imbalance – disorders of the endocrine system that regulates hormone production, reports Rus.Media.

But when it comes to hormones, it is better to resort to natural methods. Many have heard about the negative effects of hormone therapy in hospitals, it is possible to fix it easier.

Here are 5 herbs that can help fix problems with the hormones:

1. Peruvian Maca

5 рослин, які приведуть в порядок ваші гормони

Maca have been used for centuries by Peruvian Indians to enhance fertility, support hormonal balance and enhance libido and endurance. The plant does not produce hormones but rather works as a rejuvenating tonic.

If the human body develops too much or too little hormone, Maca will help to restore the balance. The plant increases or deficit of the hormone or decrease its amount in the body.

Roughly speaking, Maca is a kind of regulator. The plant regulates hormones and keeps them under control.

Maca stimulates and nourishes gpafsn and hotlamps glands of your endocrine system. These two glands are responsible for regulating all other hormones.

This herb is not just for women! The men also suitable Maca — it can increase libido and stamina. This is something like a natural “Viagra”.

Also due to the fact that in 40-50% of cases the cause of infertility of couples is people, taking this herb can increase motility, volume and quality of sperm.

2. Sheet of red raspberries

5 рослин, які приведуть в порядок ваші гормони

It has the same pleasant taste as a tea. This herb is most known for its properties of strengthening of the uterus. This plant is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C.

Have a sheet of red raspberries have many advantages. It is known that it helps to increase fertility in men and women. So you can prevent miscarriage and hemorrhage, help to reduce heavy blood flow and painful menstrual cramps. The herb may relieve nausea associated with pregnancy, reduce pain during and after childbirth.

3. Vitex (protrek)

5 рослин, які приведуть в порядок ваші гормони

Vitex is often used to treat endometriosis, infertility, PMS, prevention of miscarriage in the first trimester and menopause symptoms.

Vitex does not contain hormones, but rather helps to naturally balance hormones by regulating the pituitary gland.

Adjusting the pituitary gland, it affects the function of other glands involved in this system. The pituitary gland sends a signal to other glands to file information, when and how much hormones you need to produce.

This system is called hormonal feedback. But if the pituitary gland is not balanced properly, the balance of the other glands deteriorate.

4. Milk Thistle

5 рослин, які приведуть в порядок ваші гормони

Milk Thistle is one of the best herbs to clean the liver, an important organ for hormonal balance.

Its dysfunction causes many women have excess of estrogen and deficiency of progesterone. Many people do not know that excess estrogen is filtered through the liver.

If the liver is overwhelmed and stagnant, the body cannot eliminate excess estrogens, and they fall again into the body. The liver is also a processing plant for toxic waste in our body: chemical, heavy metals, fungi and other toxins.

5. Oats

5 рослин, які приведуть в порядок ваші гормони

Oats can strengthen the nerves, relieve tension, improve digestion, calm the stomach, balance the endocrine system or hormones, and calm the Central nervous system.

Other benefits of this plant: strengthens hair, skin and nails, is a diuretic, reduces cholesterol and strengthens the heart.

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