YouTube introduces a new useful feature

The function will help to find out what song is playing in the video.

YouTube запроваджує нову корисну функцію

Interesting song in many clips and videos often attract attention. Many people exactly and find their favorite songs, especially on YouTube. But finding a favorite song is difficult, and video portal believes that its function will be able to help with this, informs Rus.Media.

YouTube is starting to release a “Music video”. It will try to automatically recognize which song used in the video.

Information will be available in the description below the video. It will contain the song title, artist, and even the authors of the text copyright holders, and links, where possible, on the official website or channel.

The purpose of the new function, not only to help find and recognize the song, but also to pay due attention to their creators. It will also make it easier to find music is used without permission. The function is already used in more than half a billion YouTube videos and will gradually add others.

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