Svetlana Tarabarova was first published after the news about pregnancy

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Tarabarova the first time appeared in the West after told about her pregnancy.

Світлана Тарабарова вперше вийшла в світ після новини про вагітність

On Saturday, may 19, was held a ceremony of music prize the Golden Firebird. Among the guests were noticed the many representatives of Russian show-business and-among them – a pregnant Tarabarova, reports Rus.Media.

The actress attended the event in elegant fitted sequin dress that emphasized her rounded tummy. Svetlana Tarabarova got the victory in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year” and published photos from the ceremony on his page in Instagram.

“I’m just so happy! Thank you people for your support! This is a breakthrough of the light side of music!!!” the singer wrote, adding the hashtags “Golden Firebird” and “Bright side of music”.

In the comments fans Tarabarova not only congratulate the mother with the victory, but noted that she looked amazing.

“Ahh, excited for you! Thank you for your creativity, it’s unusual and very important to me”, “I Congratulate you, Svetlana! You deserve it! By the way, nice dress.”, “Good. I watched the award and you were very beautiful at the ceremony. Happy for you” – written by fans on the Network.

See video of Svetlana Tarabarova for the song Good to you:

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