In the plane of a plane crash in Cuba, there were 20 priests

As reported by the Cuban Council of churches, among the victims of the crash can be 20 priests of the Evangelical Church.

У літаку в авіакатастрофі на Кубі перебувало 20 священиків

The Minister of transport of Cuba, Adel Izquierdo Rodriguez said that as a result of the crash on Friday near Havana 110 people were killed, reports Rus.Media.

According to the Minister, on Board were 113 people, including 102 citizens of Cuba, three tourists, two foreigners and six crew members from Mexico. He said that among the dead were five children.

Powderless also that the three women residents of Cuba survived but are in critical condition in the hospital. According to the Cuban Council of churches, among the victims of the disaster in Havana – 20 priests of the Evangelical Church.

“This aircraft was 10 pairs of pastors. 20. All Nazaranka Church in the Eastern region,” confirmed a member of the Board.

The group spent a few days at a meeting in the capital and returned to their homes and places of religious service in the province of Holguin.

As reported, on 18 may, the Boeing 737, leased from the Mexican airline Damojh, flying Cubana de Aviacion route-Havana – Holguin (the city in Eastern Cuba). The airliner crashed a minute after takeoff from the international airport of Havana josé martí.

The cause of the crash is still unknown, was found one of the two black boxes of the aircraft. Saturday on the island began a two-day national mourning. The Boeing 737 crash near Havana became the largest in Cuba over the past 30 years.

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