I asked the mother to be with her grandson! What she said, will be remembered for a lifetime

Usually mothers-in-law or do not like, or treat them with prejudice.

Я лише попросив тещу побути з онуком! Те що вона відповіла, запам&#039ятається на все життя

But a colleague of mine always spoke of the mother of his wife with great respect, informs Rus.Media.

My question is, what’s the secret to his good relationship with the mother, he replied:

“When I got married, I cautiously looked at his future mother-in-law. I have been listening too much at the time, stories and complaints on the harmful mothers-in-law, and thought that this happens to everybody. Moreover, the mother of my wife was at the time of the wedding alone and I was expecting that she would be bored to intervene in our family.

But as time went on, mother-in-law especially on the horizon flashed. It is, of course, every day called daughter – I regularly heard the wife talking with her on the phone, but this thing was limited.

Then the child was born and I thought that perhaps now she will spend the day and night in our flat, to teach mind-reason. But the mother-in-law and then disappointed me – she bought the stroller, dragging a suitcase full of diapers, raspashonok, and again quietly disappeared.

It is, of course, helped to baby-sit when his wife had to go to the clinic or to the dentist. But it was limited.

But once I had a plan. Summer was approaching and I suggested to my wife to go somewhere to the sea to relax. A child at this time to leave her mother – anyway, she is one, she’ll love her grandson.

Wife smiled and asked me to talk about it with her mom.

I come to the mother-in-law, not even just so, and chocolates. She smiles, meets, brews tea. I tell her that it would be nice grandson to spend the summer with her grandmother, while the parents get a little rest and gain strength at sea. She listens to me and answers …

– Of course, I could take her grandson for the summer, it’s no problem. But tell me, my dear son, when you will have the opportunity to take to the sea three sons? Only in this year.

Because in a year it will be a four year old boy, that is a little narrower another. And you will forever lose the whole summer chatting with her son, dumping his grandmother. Do you so easily give me such a jewel?

And in fifteen years your own son already did not want to go with you to the sea, because it is adult and it will be their friends. He will grow, and you won’t be left with memories of how you first started, holding your hand and captured the kid in waves.

The first time I put him on a hand sink and for the first time built with him a sand castle. First of all, it’s your right! And the right of your son to remember that for the first time the sea showed him it was the Pope, not some other person. Do not deprive him of it!

– In my experience – she continued, – our children are with us for a very short period of our lives. And every minute spent with them is unique.

And you know, I think hard. I remembered how me constantly for the whole summer was sent to her grandmother in the village. I remembered how my father never had time for me – got everything working. And then he dumped a heart attack and found out I do nothing to remember about it.

Therefore, in the year of the sea we all went together. And in a year too.

And his mother in law I love and respect, because it really is a wise woman. “

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