Why there are red moles on the body

Sometimes, the body appears red moles and want to know what caused it and how dangerous it is or not.

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Almost every one of us in different stage of life were noticed on his body appeared red spots similar to moles. Usually they are small and have a red (sometimes slightly lighter). They often appear in the neck, chest and back. And why is this happening and does not assume any hazards?

These little red moles usually do not cause discomfort – they do not hurt and do not itch. But does not look aesthetically pleasing. The scientific name of the red spots – red nevus or angioma. They usually appear in people with fair skin or in middle age.

Don’t worry – they pose no danger to health, but if they appear not often and not in large quantity. Otherwise is a serious reason to consult a doctor. So might look signal about any changes in the body. Experts in this field are associated with the appearance of red moles problems in the liver, it is not quite correct work.

And angioma may occur due to malnutrition, when in the intestines and the liver accumulates a lot of toxins. The reasons for the appearance of red moles also includes the abnormal growth of blood vessels.

Usually the size of a red mole is in the range from 1 to 4 mm. They can be located in the armpits, genitals, legs, chest, back, arms, legs.

Red spots on the face, hands and other exposed skin may appear due to excessive sun exposure. So you should be extremely cautious and to take a sun bath just applying sunscreen.

But if a new mole is uneven, rough and in excess of 6 mm is a reason to immediately seek the advice of a dermatologist. Most likely to have blonde children with very fair skin can appear such red dots on the body. Regularly inspect their children to keep the situation under control.

It happens quite often that the appearance of these moles is the result of heredity. Another reason for their appearance on the body include slight hormonal changes in women. And with age they can appear for no apparent reason.

When discovering on your body red moles, more importantly, don’t panic, as nothing serious happened and no treatment need not apply. You will need to do the following:

– If the moles appear in large numbers in the breast, consult a doctor – the emergence of a large number of moles may be a sign of existing health problems.

– Check what form have your moles are symmetrical or asymmetrical. If you have the second option — contact your doctor.

– Look at their color – if they’re red, then there is no problem, but if they gradually darken and with each time becoming more and more dark, then you should consult a doctor.

Experts say that to avoid the appearance of red moles on the body, should be systematically cleanse the intestines and strengthen the liver, drink at least two liters of water a day, eat more fresh fruits and drink natural juices (useful in this respect, carrots, artichokes and celery), to include in your diet olive oil and avocado.

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