Why Renin day, may 18, you can not eat bread, and responsible business is to trust women

Congratulations on this day, IRIN, ARIN, ARIS.

Чому в Іринин день, 18 травня, не можна їсти хліб, а відповідальні справи варто довірити жінкам

This day observed for the first watering: if the earth absorbed a lot of water, the summer will be droughty. Today, may 18, I remember Irina Macedonian. Congratulations on this day, IRIN, ARIN, ARIS, reports Rus.Media.

Irina Macedonian is known that she is the first woman honored among the martyrs. The girl was born in the family of a pagan ruler LNA. Thanks to her mentor Apelado, she converted to Christianity. After her father resigned as ruler, he was replaced by Zedekiah, who started persecutions against Christians. However, despite all the torture and torment of Irina, she lived a long life and learned to heal people from various diseases.

In this day people continued to engage in seedlings of vegetables. It usually takes only women and so no one could see them. It was believed that such people will perform the work – the plants sprout, but the fruit will bring. Was the rite: the mistress of the plants first sprout of cabbage. Covers it with a pot, and the pot covered with white cloth. Then, the edges are seated nettle, which should scare all evil spirits and pests. At the same time said: “Nettle — hell cabbage — us!”.

The day Arina rossignac in the villages began to produce planting cabbage, cucumbers. However, there was a belief, according to which, during this process, it is impossible to eat bread otherwise whole chickens vyklyuchi seedlings. Also on may 18 watched the first watering and watched: if the earth absorbed a lot of water, the summer will be droughty. If the water remains on the soil surface, it will be quite wet weather in the summer months.

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