Who’s next: a new toy for entertainment

Кто следующий: новая игрушка для развлечений

German scientist in 1929, has developed a toy that is gaining its popularity now.

In 1929, the German inventor Paul Schatz came up with a geometrical figure, which is called oloid. Little-known incredibly precise mathematical miscalculations and properties of the figure, through their movements makes it impossible to look.

Кто следующий: новая игрушка для развлечений

The main property of alaida is that despite its uneven shape and smooth surface it moves in a perfectly straight line. Oloid has a circular shape, but thanks to the miscalculations of the inventor moves each point of its surface.

Now opened a Kickstarter fundraiser for the production of new toys. Having a variety of new developments, gadgets and toys, replacement spinners can be oloidi.

Watch the video how to move oloid.

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