Where to stay in Stockholm: unusual hostels

Где остановиться в Стокгольме: необычные хостелы

The capital of Sweden is famous not only the ancient palaces, narrow streets and delicious cardamom rolls, but also an unusual hostels! Find out where to stay in Stockholm not to spend the entire budget and get a lot of impressions.

Где остановиться в Стокгольме: необычные хостелы

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Jumbo Stay

Jumbo Stay hostel which is in a real Boeing 747 is located near the airport of Stockholm Arlanda Flygplats. Hostel-the plane has 76 beds. Suite situated in the cockpit, and the other four rooms in the turbines of the aircraft. The rooms have all the basic amenities up to a modern TV and Internet.

Где остановиться в Стокгольме: необычные хостелы

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AF Chapman

AF Chapman is a hostel, which took an entire sailing ship off the coast of the island of Skeppsholmen. Rooms in the main building with large Windows, high ceilings and views of the water or the Park. And the ship offers beautiful views of Stockholm’s old town Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace.

Где остановиться в Стокгольме: необычные хостелы

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Langholmen Hotel

Langholmen Hotell — hostel, located on the territory of the former prison, provides travelers from around the world a unique opportunity to jail without breaking any laws.

Где остановиться в Стокгольме: необычные хостелы

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Old Town Lodge

Hostel Old Town Lodge is located in the heart of Stockholm’s old town in a house that dates back to the 17th century, and one of the walls of the building is the old city fortification, which is over 800 years old. It should be noted that although the building is very old, the hostel is equipped with modern appliances, and each room is individually decorated. By the way, expect that you will be greeted with a smile at reception is not necessary, since the staff at the hostel is only on the weekends.

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