When is the best time to buy tickets: advice from experienced tourists

Когда лучше покупать авиабилеты: советы опытных туристов

This will help not only save money, but to avoid all possible inconvenience of buying tickets.

Inexperienced tourists often don’t ask a question when to buy tickets. They just do not betray this value. But the number, time of day, day of week depends on the cost of the plane ticket. When the cheapest tickets – read our material.

When you can buy cheap tickets: tips

Usually plane tickets be available approximately 320 days prior to departure. But initially the price of their bites. Experts have found that the optimal time to buy tickets is 6 weeks before departure, i.e. 45 days.

How much? It is estimated that the best time for departure is the interval from 17:00 to 20:00, and night flights. Prices on these tickets is much lower than for the morning and afternoon flights.

Use special sites-aggregators, which will help you to choose the date and time of departure and to choose the most suitable option of departure. Read more here.

Когда лучше покупать авиабилеты: советы опытных туристов

There are “right” days to buy a cheap tickets. Often the cost of tickets with departure in mid-week is lower than on holidays or weekends. So, try to look for deals on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Price these days may differ from the output.

Don’t forget to compare prices. Different airlines may have different prices, it is better to use special websites that monitor all listings on the market and choose the customer the most advantageous option.

In addition, it is important and the day-of-week of purchase. Experts have found that the discounts often appear on Tuesdays in the afternoon. Another option to save – Wednesday at 1:00 in the morning.

Be sure to subscribe to the airlines. This will allow you to be the first to know when there will be discounts on tickets and special offers. In addition, companies often send their customers to mail a special promotional code that allows you to get a discount during ticket purchase.

Когда лучше покупать авиабилеты: советы опытных туристов

How to buy a ticket online?

Now to purchase the tickets without leaving home. It does not need to go to a travel Agency or in the offices of the airport. Enough to have the Internet. The purchase will take less than 10 minutes. If you want to learn more about how to choose the best online tickets service air-pilot — click here.

  1. Specify the itinerary. In special fields provide the information about your place of departure and arrival, date, flight class, number of passengers.
  2. Choose a suitable ticket. The system displays the cheapest variants in the top of the list. But settings can be changed in the settings.
  3. Book your tickets. Just fill in your details in the appropriate fields.
  4. Make payment for the ticket. You can pay by credit card, or cash in the office.
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